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6th Grade History MesoAmerica


meso olmec.jpg The Olmec people lived in south-central Mexico from 1500 BCE to 400 BCE. The Olmecs were the first recognized people that practiced ritual blood-lettings. Evidence was found supporting a Mesoamerican ball game played in their society. Their society was rich in artwork:  colossal heads carved from volcanic basalt, rectangular altars, and free-standing sculptures.


meso maya.jpg The Mayan civilization existed from 2000 BCE to 900 AD. The Maya civilization extended throughout the present-day southern Mexican states and the Yucatán Peninsula. The Mayan area also extended throughout the northern Central American region. The Mayan built incredible cities, complete with pyramids. Their culture was rich in art: pottery, jewelry, carvings, and sculptures. They were noted for their advances in architecture, astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and religion. The Maya created a system of writing not unlike the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt.


meso aztec.jpg The Aztec civilization flourished in Central Mexico from 1300 AD through 1500 AD. The Aztec culture developed a complex mythological structure and created lasting traditions. They made outstanding architectural and artistic accomplishments. Many of their monuments have withstood the test of time and can be visited yet today just outside of Mexico City. The Aztec had a intricate social / class structure, and also believed in blood-sacrifice. The Aztec practiced trade and tribute with European foreigners, this lead to their decline for the traders brought smallpox and typhus.